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A mid-century shop operating around Shropshire

Sixth link is a mid-century shopping heaven operating out rental units across Shropshire, with the hope to expand. We also take part in major antique and interior home exhibitions, including Manchester, Leeds and London respectively. As the header suggests we are seekers of rare and collectible and desirable items from the mid 20th century, this includes G plan and Ercol and also Dansk design. 

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A little bit more about me

At the time of writing I am  19 years old, some may call this a 'Gap Year' me on the other hand call it development or even better, being broken into the real world. I like to class myself as a traditional dealer, i love the haggle and love the face to face and the final shake of hands on the agreed price, a bit more than entering bids whilst watching a drama on the sofa at home, call me old fashioned ;)

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But anyway, i am a lover of all things modernism and retro chic, this is such things like Ercol and G-plan but am partial to a bit of up-cycling items too! This was emphasized by the debut TV appearance  on BBC 1 on @moneyfornothing, I will leave a link to the video on the page somewhere!

My favorite projects are recovered chairs and also a love for Bay west German pottery!

I will be present at most shows and you can usually spot me in my overalls and a shirt with my long floppy hair, shout River and Im sure I will put down the Dansk chair or sideboard and be lovely to have a chat, mainly an excuse to have a rest and a natter! 

Where can you find me next?

As a trader of mid-century, I am always around the country, the next time i will be out on the road is 
  • Nottingham @ Ladybayvintage 24th November 

What is going on in my world...

  1. 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Love these early morning posts all thanks to the rugby world cup! In Ludlow today to sort after a very busy Saturday new stock on it's way! Including more German pottery🔵🔵🔵 Take time to appreciate other people around you and the help they give to you #blue #germanpottery #vase #interior #design #ludlow #knowthefullstory #looks #candle #midcenturymodern #retro #design #designer #inspo

  2. 1 month ago

    SHAPE. Love this look that had been created by the geometric design of the pottery from the era I buy and sell. Delivery done this morning to a lovely gent so now for some more stock! Looking forward to trying to help others in the future and doing more of my best and always trying to self improve on life and in nature 💙💙💙 #blue #pottery #shape #design #interior #love #lovebluedontfeelit #cockyisnotconfidence #interior #plate #serve #teal #nailedit #photo #size #retro #midcenturymodern #midc #1960s #table

  3. 1 month ago

    SHAPE. Love this look of modernism that was created during the wonderful era in which I deal and sell... Geometric bliss leads to this pleasing photo. In Ludlow today but also out for delivery! Hopeful of helping others in the future💙 #thankyou #future #help #cockyisnotconfidence #shape #design #triangle #pottery #stainless #geometry #germanpottery #blue #teal #photo #lovebluedontfeelit

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Opening hours

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Let me know you have visited or if you love something in particular!