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A little bit about Sixth Link

Sixth Link is a small independent business operating currently from 2 locations the historic market town of Ludlow on the English/Welsh border and the small idillic country barn in kyre adjacent to Kyre Park a manor house in the malvern hills of Worcestershire
It is owned by young entrepreneur River Guest who has featured on television shows such as Bargain Hunt and also Money for Nothing. 
He has a keen eye for anything Mid-Century and adores the modernism movement from the 1960s period.
He has a small unit inside a larger shopping emporium named 55 Mill Street which he alongside 14 other dealers is open to the public 7 days a week.
River specialises in West German pottery and Teak furniture.   

A Bit About River

I’ve been fascinated by interior style and furniture design since I was 13, when my Mum had a vintage shop in Bridgnorth, South Shropshire. I was intrigued by the appeal that furniture from past times, even the recent pass, can have – and the sense it gives of stepping back into another place. My first mid-century buy was a classic Franco Albini rattan lobster pot stool when I was 14 from a private house sale in Patshull.
            To wear, I like a large Arran fisherman’s roll top sweater over harem trousers and one of my collection of Converse trainers. I keep my hair long (as seen on TV!) sometimes gathered, sometimes loose, with a beard as the mood takes me, like the dudes in Bastille, my best band. At the festivals, where I can, I quench my thirst and Cerevisaphile’s love of craft beers
            Setting up and running Sixth Link has been an answer to my passion for Mid-Century fashion, 60s and 70s style. For me, there’s nothing better than cruising the sales and markets for furniture, lighting and ceramics of that era, and every time I find a special rare piece, put it in the shop and on my social media is like a triumph I never get bored of.

Where can we find Sixth Link?

As a trader of mid-century I base myself on the Powys/Shropshire border, however due to the nature of the business I travel to many events and fairs around the country.
River is fairly recognisable with his signature long hair and Fisherman jumpers and harem pants , but do come and say hello or even drop us a message if you have any enquires or even just for a chat are email is always open 

Latest news

  1. 8 hours ago

    Studio pottery has now been put out at @kyreparkantiquesbarn By local Broadway pottery in Worcester from 1959-69! Looking forward to the weekend lots going on so I've heard! A few photos of yours truely coming out over the weekend plus more fabulous stock to see! So stay tuned! #newbusiness #youngentrepreneur #retro #interiors #chair #midcentury #table #teak #gplan #tapley #westgermanpottery #colour #vibe #independent

  2. 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Busy day but had to get a quick photo! Incredible set of Tapley33 furniture including small unit, long sideboard, desk and wall units! Much more too see at @kyreparkantiquesbarn and @55millstreet That's your weekend planned out! #newbusiness #youngentrepreneur #retro #interiors #chair #midcentury #table #teak #gplan #tapley #westgermanpottery #colour #vibe #independent #newproject #interiordesign #shoppinglocal #recycle #ercol #sun

  3. 2 days, 8 hours ago

    I can now see what people mean about golden hour! This chrome chair is part of a set of 4 alongside a smoked glass table, one of my new favourite items. Incredible cantilever design and fresh recover in, Omega Prints butterfly palm in maize 🟢🟡🟢🟡🟢🟡 The set is on show @kyreparkantiquesbarn Which is open today 10-5 after a busy opening weekend! @linwood_fabric opinions?! #fabric #midcentury #chrome #italian #independent #ludlow #55millstreet #kyrepark #brickwork #goldenhour #youngentrepreneur #worcester #kidderminster #chair #chrome #cantilever #diningroom

What hours can you visit the shop in Ludlow?

  1. Mon

    10 - 16
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    10 - 16
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    10 - 16
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    10 - 16
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    10 - 16
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    10 - 16
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    11 - 15

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